Sunday, May 28, 2006

Episode 5: File Under E, for Evil!

Two weeks ago, eminent hydrologist Zelda McFey had been working late to compile the city's water report.

The report was a bombshell. The mayor's pet project, a rainwater treatment center, was a much-needed make-work project for the city's hard-hit work force. Unfortunately, the chosen site for the plant was located right next to a pharmaceutical plant that was conveniently owned by the mayor's brother.

McFey was a vocal opponent of the mayor's plans to build the treatment center in this location, and word was travelling quickly around town hall that her report would spell trouble for the mayor's plans. Several large businesses stood to gain from the project as well, and they were also expressing their displeasure with her work.

The last page of the report was printing when McFey heard a tap on her window. She was startled to see a shifty rat peering in at her from the darkness outside.

"If you know what's good for you, you won't file that report, Doc." The rat hissed at her through the glass. "Working so hard can be... harmful. You should consider taking a long break. Get out of town for a while. A long while."

McFey growled and rushed outside to the front porch, but she was too late. The rat had vanished.

The next day, McFey turned in her report, which generated a furor at City Hall.By the time the day was over, she decided to go for a walk by the waterfront to clear her head.
The skies were turning gray as her travels brought her back towards her office.

"Tut, tut, Doc." a familiar voice hissed from atop a nearby water fountain. "Looks like rain." The rat from last night was lurking near a water fountain.

"What do you want?" McFey growled at him.
"It seems my employer is not pleased with the contents of your report." The rat replied. "He would like to show you what happens when headstrong dogs file dangerous water reports."

He sprang down to the pavement.

McFey coolly stared down the rodent. "You should be careful what you say, rat. My friends eat vermin like you for breakfast."

The rat was unfazed. "I don't think your husband would advise you to speak to me this way."

Suddenly, McFey's demeanor changed. "You -- you have Harvey?"

The rat nodded. "Come with me, Dr. McFey. I think you and he will have a lot of catching up to do."

McFey was loaded into the back of a sleek imported car. As the trunk closed, she wondered if the rat was telling the truth. Was her husband alive? And what was his connection to this?

Would she be any closer to a solution next week?



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